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Width, mm:
420 mm 
Height, mm:
490 mm 
Net Weight, kg:
6 kg 
Bulb Type:
40W (E14) 
Bulbs Quantity:


Baroque feels big in words, this model is not so big though. So now it is possible to have a bit of a pure style in modern small rooms of an apartment or the hotel. Smooth curves of shaped brass go perfectly well with the hand cut almonds. There's also a special central element on top for a very special look. Depending on the mood requirements you may use natural candles or electric bulbs. Anyway the atmosphere is guaranteed.
Baroque, Chandelier Pompe.
Looped arms, shaped. Almonds or pendeloques. Variety of crystal colors.
Ideal places for this lamp: dining room, living room, over the dining table.