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Width, mm:
520 mm 
Height, mm:
520 mm 
Net Weight, kg:
4 kg 
Bulb Type:
Bulbs Quantity:


Lux is the unit of luminance. One Lux is one Lumen per square meter. It is also the latin name for “light”. Lux has a core of brass surrounded by eighteen bulbs, 25 W 125 mm each, in classic style with Edison base. For a perfect light many bulbs had been tested and selected with great care. (Bulbs are included with the chandelier). We recommend using Lux with a dimmer capable to handle at least 500 W. Lux is 52 cm in diameter with the bulbs and weighs all together 3.5 kg. Krebs has been manufacturing crystal chandelier since long time ago and with Lux it re-enters the wonderful mid-century era with great attention to detail and the culture of artisanship.

“My vision when I started sketching Lux wad to create a hanging lamp with inspiration from the fifties. Shroud in cigar mist, low glowing in the autumn darkness of the living room. Alternatively, glittering over the grand piano of the hotel’s bar. Lux has the ability to create atmosphere anywhere it is placed.”

Tomas Larsson, Designer

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